Advertising Specifications and Cost Sheet

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Ad Size: 280 x 180 pixels


Ads are published on the following pages:

  • Home – (three (3) ads)
  • About Us – (three (3) ads)
  • Board Of Directors – (three (3) ads)
  • Mission and Vision – (three (3) ads)
  • Affiliates – (three (3) ads)
  • News – (three (3) ads)
  • Join The Chamber – (three (3) ads)

All advertisements display randomly in the 21 designated spaces.  No duplicate ads will appear on any single page.

Digital File Requirements:

Please submit your ad artwork in jpeg, gif or png format and sized correctly for the space you are advertising in.  We will verify the size and adjust as needed based on our discretion.  Please also provide the URL to which you would like your ad to be linked.

Payment and Terms:

Ad cost is an annual fee of $250.  This includes one hour of our partner, FirstStreet Creative’s time to format, optimize, size, place and design (if needed) your ad.  FirstStreet Creative will charge an additional $100 per hour for all time spent working on your ad in excess of one (1) hour.  FirstStreet Creative will bill the Member directly for any overage in design costs.  Each advertisement will be placed for one year.  After one year, the advertisement will be removed from the SYC website unless the member renews by paying the annual advertising fee prior to the advertisement’s expiration date.  The annual advertising fee will be established annually by the SYC Board of Directors. It is understood that all advertisements will be subject to review and approval by the SYC Board of Directors or its designee(s).

Delivery Method:

Once your application and payment process has been completed, please send your web ad or ad production materials to:

FirstStreet Creative

Marc Ertel
FirstStreet Creative